And Then There Were Two…

26 May

It’s now officially decided. The Stanley Cup Finals are going to be between two teams that have worked so hard this post season to get here: the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. Did I see it coming? No, I honestly didn’t but it’s going to be good, I know that for sure.

Lets talk about the New Jersey Devils. Let’s be honest: nobody would have ever thought they would beat the Florida Panthers, the Philadelphia Flyers and then the New York Rangers. Nobody. You’re lying if you say you thought they would. Even I am surprised! But don’t undermine them now! They’ve proven they can do it and hey, maybe they will win the precious Lord Stanley this year! They’ve got some of the biggest and most underrated players. First, they have Zach Parise, one of the most underrated Captains in NHL history. They have some of the best players like Ilya Kovalchuk, Patrik Eliáš and Adam Henrique, the hero in Game 6 yesterday night. And don’t forget the goaltender that helped them get here in the first place: Marty Brodeur. The Devils will prove to be difficult to beat.

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But then there’s the L.A. Kings. They’re probably the most surprising team this post season. They’ve lost literally two games this post season and have only lost by, at most, 2 goals. They had a rocky season but when they got into the Playoffs, they proved they belonged there! And now, look, they’re in the Stanley Cup Finals with only 2 losses behind them! Who would have thought that the 8th seed would make it all the way to the top and win the Western Conference Finals? They’ve got some of the most talented and underrated forwards in the league including Captain Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar and Mike Richard as well as incredible defencemen like Drew Doughty and Matt Greene! And don’t forget the guy who has dominated every NHL goalie, Jonathan Quick!

I don’t know who will win this year. I don’t know who will take the Stanley Cup. I don’t know who deserves to win the most. I guess I’ll find out. I do know a few things though: I know whether or not the L.A. Kings win or lose, I’m glad they made it this far. I do know whether or not the New Jersey Devils win or lose, this season was incredible. I do know that I’ll be proud of the team that wins, even though I’ll definitely be rooting for the Kings. May the best team win.


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