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Alexander Semin: Leaving the Capitals?

17 May

Alexander Semin will forever be my favorite player regardless of what team he plays for. He’s dynamic, a real superstar on the ice. I really do love him and his talent. I love watching him play and I constantly talk about him to my family. It’s no secret he’s my favorite. He’s my Sasha. Yes, Sasha.

I’ve heard plenty of rumors all year about how he’ll leave the Capitals, how he’s not good enough, not working hard enough or how the Capitals don’t want him. I’m going to say this: the Washington Capitals are better with Alexander Semin than they are without him. That’s my comment to every single rumor. He’s one of the Young Guns (regardless of them not being so young anymore), he’s one of their top players. Yes, he gets penalties. Who doesn’t? Yes, he causes bad turnovers sometimes. Who doesn’t? I hear how Alex Semin isn’t good enough to play for the Capitals, yet nobody says anything about Ovechkin’s year, Green’s year, Neuvirth’s year or about how their playing has been lacking so far this season. But that’s another story.

There is much speculation on Alex Semin not signing with the Capitals, becoming a free agent and moving somewhere far away from North Carolina and breaking my very delicate heart. I will say there is a chance, his manager has talked about him leaving and it’s a possibility for his career to progress. He’s in his prime right now however I truly believe that Washington is where he belongs and where he should stay. He, himself, has said that’s his second home. I hope he keeps it that way.

I’m going to finish this post on how I started it: Alexander Semin will be my favorite player regardless of what team he plays for.