Skinner and Pitkanen out with concussions

14 Dec

The Carolina  Hurricanes are down two of their best players plus Brian Boucher being injured recently. As a Canes fan, I’m devastated and I hope for an incredibly speedy recovery and that they are better soon. With that being said, as a Canes fan, I don’t know how the Canes are going to play without them. They obviously haven’t been doing very well and this is yet another obstacle they have to overcome this year. I really hate the fact that Skinner is gone. He’s one of the best on the team!

I don’t want Skins to be another Crosby. I don’t want him out for almost a year. This is horrible news because he’s such a young, talented player and knowing he’ll be out for a long time doesn’t make me happy at all. The Canes not only lost him but Pitkanen as well! Pitkanen, known as ‘Pancake’ in Kristonian, is a promising defenceman who has helped the Canes over the past couple years. I’m not the hugest Pitkanen fan but I know he’s a good member of the team and it’s such a sad loss that he’s gone for now. Not only are these two amazing players gone but also the Hurricanes new goalie, Brian Boucher. Brian Boucher hasn’t won every game he’s played with Carolina but he’s doing much better than people expected. He’s a fantastic new member of the team and the fact that he’s injured early this season sucks!

The fact that these guys are gone is horrible and I, and the rest of the Caniac nation, will miss them very much. I know I am praying for a fast recovery and wish that the Hurricanes do well.

Now if only this could make up for this loss...


Sidney Crosby returns to action!

20 Nov

Oh joy! The absent player returns! After 8 months missing in action, Sidney Crosby, everyone’s favorite player, has returned. Can anyone say hallelujah?  Or how about finally?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited; I’ll finally get to see him play again. But there is one part of me, my eccentric right brain, that is telling me this is a little rushed. Heck, the guy got a concussion! That’s some serious stuff right there. Are his doctors really giving him unsparing approval or is this his decision alone? Does Dan Bylsma agree to this wholeheartedly or is he concerned for his health? Will he be better or will he be worse? Is he pressured to start early or does he feel he’s late? So many questions are running through my mind! Although I have many questions, my impartial left brain is telling me that if Crosby wasn’t ready to play, he wouldn’t be in the line up for tomorrow’s game.

Even though I’m not his biggest fan, I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrows game, finally featuring the returning Sidney Crosby, will be great and I’ll certainly be watching it.

Carolina Finally Wins; Kristin Fuming, Part 1

13 Nov

After a 4 game drought, the Carolina Hurricanes finally won a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins!

Now that I’ve congratulated them on their win, lets go on to…

Kristin Fuming, Part 1:
I’m so sick of seeing them lose and lose and lose. The problem? Well I think, pshh-excuse me, I KNOW it’s Mr. Paul Maurice. The Carolina Hurricanes coach of too many seasons. The record with him? 376 wins, 378 losses. Did you notice what I noticed? More losses than wins! The Hurricanes will always be my favorite team but seeing them play like they don’t know what hockey is, disappoints the crap out of me! I know if they got a better coach, they would do a lot better! If only.

Back To Carolina

21 Oct

I’ve been unable to update due to school and pressure but I plan to update whenever I can! Now back to the games…

I’m currently watching the Carolina Hurricanes play at St. Louis against the Blues. It’s been a pretty good game. There’s only 7 minutes left and they’re tied 2-2. The Canes have been doing okay this year: they’ve won three and lost three. Although the Canes are missing a very important player (who recently moved to the Montreal Canadiens…hint, hint), I believe almost every player has improved over the summer. The players have matured and are seeing the Playoffs in the future.

But hey, that’s too far away to worry about now, anyway. Now for the Washington Capitals. They’ve been doing amazing; they’ve won all 6 games they’ve played. Alex Ovechkin is having a slow start but got two goals yesterday in the game vs. the Philadelphia Flyers. Alex Semin has proved himself in this start of the season. He’s gotten two goals and three assists already and I’m ever so proud. Popular players like Nicklas Backstrom, Brooks Laich, Mike Knuble and Mike Green have also had good starts to the early season.

So far this start of the season has been good and I’ve been enjoying it. So far.

Hockey season is back!

9 Oct

I know I’m a few days late but still! Hockey is back! I can actually sit down and watch a game on my TV. This is fantastic news.

Well I watched the Carolina Hurricanes first official game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday and I was so disappointed.They played so well until our defense decided to shut down. The game ended 5-1, how horrible. They brought themselves back yesterday when they battled against the Washington Capitals. They actually made it into overtime until Mike Green scored the game winning goal. Yesterdays game was so awesome! First, Jeff Skinner scored the first goal of the season for Carolina on Friday and then Sasha scored the first goal of the season for Washington yesterday!

Oh, life is good.


It has been 164 days…

19 Sep

Since I’ve been able to watch Carolina Hurricanes hockey. I have to say, I’ve been deprived. I’ve watched replays of the 2011 All Star Game more than most people and I’ve re-watched the 2011 Playoffs. I have waited patiently all summer to finally be able to see my boys in action and I’m proud to say, I can now. Well… kind of, the preseason won’t be aired on TV, so I’ll have to make due with listening to it on the radio.

Rest in Peace, Rick Rypien. Dead at 27.

16 Aug

Rick Rypien, a former Vancouver Canuck, was found dead earlier today in his Alberta home. He was only 27 years old. The cause of death is unknown. Rick was not only a great hockey player, but also a great person and he had a bright future with the Winnipeg Jets. He will most definitely be missed, not only by the Vancouver Canucks but by his family, his friends and his fans.

Eric Fehr, Jason Arnott and Semyon Varlamov, say goodbye to the Capitals

9 Jul

So yesterday, I learned that Semyon Varlamov is going to the Colorado Avalanche. And I was dancing around my room for 5 minutes straight. YES. I can’t believe this!
I’ve never been a big fan of Varly, I’ve always liked Michal Neuvirth better. Well I have to say, I used to like Varly. He was on the “he’s the goalie for my second favorite team so I kind of have to like him” list until I figured out that he was trash-talking American women. I’m not the most patriotic person in the world but I am an American chica and I wasn’t “down with this” at all. So from that very moment, me and Varly went from being semi-friends to downright enemies. So bye bye, Varly! Props to making it to your “childhood dream team.”

Now when it comes to Eric Fehr and Jason Arnott, I feel like punching a wall (but my pillow will have to do). How can the Capitals do this to me?!

Am I going to miss this bromance? Yes.

Max Talbot to Philadelphia Flyers, Erik Cole to Habs

2 Jul

I feel as though somebody has shot me straight through the heart and I’m bleeding all over my very nice bedroom carpet. It’s a strange feeling, I say. It’s hard to process something like this.

Max Talbot is going to the Philadelphia Flyers. My least, I repeat, least favorite team in the NHL.  I don’t know how I’ll react, to be honest, when I see Maxxy in an orange jersey for the first time. Orange is not his best color and I’m not excited to see him in it at all next season. He’ll never be a Flyer to me; he’ll always be a Penguin. Always. Erik Cole is going to the Montreal Canadiens, whom I could care less about. Honestly, I just don’t care about them but I do care about Cole. And he’s gone now. He was most definitely one of my favorite Hurricanes and this is just a huge loss. I was super duper  happy to learn about Jussi Jokinen and Chad LaRose coming back next season but I’m so disappointed now. Erik helped the Hurricanes win the cup. Erik was a role model for some of the rookies on the Hurricanes. He was a great player and I’ll miss him so much. But I wish the best of luck to both of them (and I’ll secretly be rooting for them).

I’ll miss both of them. 

Brooks Laich staying in Washington!

28 Jun

So today the Washington Capitals added a 6 year extension to Brooksy’s contract and I’m so excited!

6 more years of Brooksy=6 more years of happiness. If Sasha and Mikey G are still Capitals, of course. I have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that something’s about to happen and I’m not going to like it. But I’ll remain positive; Sasha & Mikey G are great athletes and they’re future is in good hands. I think.