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L.A. Kings: Heck yes!

17 May

Now that the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals are out of the Playoffs, I’m totally 100% rooting on the L.A. Kings. I’m not a Western Conference girl. I mean, I love the Chicago Blackhawks but other than them, I’m really not a fan. That’s before I saw the L.A. Kings play.

They barely made it in to the Playoffs but look at how things are going now! They’re kicking some serious ass! They’ve lost only 1 game this entire Playoff series and Jonathan Quick has proven to be one of the top goalies of the league after getting his second shutout of the Playoffs on Tuesday! Jonathan Quick was not only amazing but also Jeff Carter, former Philadelphia Flyer, got a hat trick!

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It’s official: I really like the Kings! 


League Standings: Who’s In

25 Mar

So as of now, there are 5 teams that are officially in the 2011-2012 Playoffs. Those teams include the New York Rangers (101 points), the St. Louis Blues (101 points), Vancouver Canucks (99 points), the Pittsburgh Penguins (98 points) and the Philadelphia Flyers (96 points). Unfortunately, this bunch doesn’t include the Chicago Blackhawks who have 92 points.

I have to say, I’m disappointed. Not in the fact that these teams have made. I mean, I wouldn’t have believed someone last season if they told me St. Louis was going to make it into the playoffs thsi year, let alone be tied for first with points in the league! Who would’ve guessed?! Definitely not me. I’m disappointed in the fact that my favorite teams aren’t close to being into the Playoffs.

The Carolina Hurricanes have 6 games left. 6. Not 7 or 8 or 9. 6. We have to be on our GAME. That means no losses because Washington, Buffalo, Tampa Bay and Winnipeg are in our way! We’re 9 points from a playoff spot. Hopefully the odds will be ever in our favor. (Ah, yes, I do enjoy my Hunger Games references every now and then.)