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In times of anger, sadness or annoyance…

21 May

Look up pictures of hockey players.


Caps vs. Bolts… Game 2: Terrifying, Fun, Insane!

2 May

First Period: Tampa Bay got the first goal, which was very annoying. The Caps were incredibly annoying and I was screaming for Alex Ovechkin to step his game up. Honestly, I hated this period so freaking much and was very relieved that Tampa Bay only got one goal. In fact, I was very surprised they did get only one goal. Neuvirth was the best Capital by far during this period, and so far the whole game.

If only he knew how I felt about him right now. 
Second Period: Neuvirth did so freaking fantasic in the second period, I almost cried. I was so happy when the Caps finally (FINALLY) got a  goal by Brooks Laich, his first of the Playoffs! It was a great play and they deserved the goal. 27 shots on goal by Washington this game and only 7 by Tampa Bay. I’m glad for the goal but it hurt like crazy jumping up and down when they finally scored. The third period’s about to start and I’m worried that Steven Stamkos and the rest of the Tampa Bay Lightning are going to bounce back and take it to the next level. I’m also nervous that Neuvirth will start to let goals in… we will see.
Third Period: So St. Louis got a goal, which I had a feeling he was going to. Mike Green got a penalty for roughing on Steven Stamkos (which I was kind of happy about) and fortunately, the penalty didn’t cause a goal because I would have been really, really mad. AND FINALLY ALEX OVECHKIN GOT A GOAL with like 1:30 minutes in the game!! I was so surprised and happy and scared that I screamed louder than before. They were going to go into OT which meant they might win!

OT: 4 and a half minutes before I had to be in bed… Tampa Bay scored and I was losing my mind in screaming: “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!” And now with my muscles sore, eyes puffy and red, I’m about to venture into bed and I won’t be able to get the after-game-anger out of my mind until 12:00 A.M. And what really sucks is that I have to wake up at 5 in the morning.

Goodnight everyone. Maybe Capitals will win next time. Maybe.

Capitals Off the Chain… Bolts Lead Round 2

1 May
Unfortunately, the Washington Capitals decided that they will lose the first game of Round 2 of the Playoffs 4-2. Which also means Tampa Bay’s leading and I’m stuck in the middle hating on Steven Stamkos for “scoring the winning goal.” Thumbs up Bolts! You lead… for now. So tonight, there’s another game and I’m super excited but also nervous. If the Washington Capitals lose again, Tampa Bay’s more likely to win Round 2 ultimately, which means everything I’ve hoped for in the last couple of weeks, is all for nothing.
What really upset me is how Alex Ovechkin decided he was going to NOT get a goal and try really “hard” to not let some fool get an empty net goal. Didn’t work to well for him.  Hopefully, tonight the Capitals will regain their composure and tie the Bolts lead in Round 2. If not… I’m going to be an angry, sore girl.

Game Winning Scorer. Yuck.


At least I got to see Alex Semin get another amazing sauce goal. Finally. It took a while.

So it looks like all I’m going to be doing tonight is jumping up and down on my couch with my sore muscles, screaming “GOGOGO CAPS!” until the cops are called for disturbing the peace. What a fun night!