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Alexander Semin: Leaving the Capitals?

17 May

Alexander Semin will forever be my favorite player regardless of what team he plays for. He’s dynamic, a real superstar on the ice. I really do love him and his talent. I love watching him play and I constantly talk about him to my family. It’s no secret he’s my favorite. He’s my Sasha. Yes, Sasha.

I’ve heard plenty of rumors all year about how he’ll leave the Capitals, how he’s not good enough, not working hard enough or how the Capitals don’t want him. I’m going to say this: the Washington Capitals are better with Alexander Semin than they are without him. That’s my comment to every single rumor. He’s one of the Young Guns (regardless of them not being so young anymore), he’s one of their top players. Yes, he gets penalties. Who doesn’t? Yes, he causes bad turnovers sometimes. Who doesn’t? I hear how Alex Semin isn’t good enough to play for the Capitals, yet nobody says anything about Ovechkin’s year, Green’s year, Neuvirth’s year or about how their playing has been lacking so far this season. But that’s another story.

There is much speculation on Alex Semin not signing with the Capitals, becoming a free agent and moving somewhere far away from North Carolina and breaking my very delicate heart. I will say there is a chance, his manager has talked about him leaving and it’s a possibility for his career to progress. He’s in his prime right now however I truly believe that Washington is where he belongs and where he should stay. He, himself, has said that’s his second home. I hope he keeps it that way.

I’m going to finish this post on how I started it: Alexander Semin will be my favorite player regardless of what team he plays for.


Hockey season is back!

9 Oct

I know I’m a few days late but still! Hockey is back! I can actually sit down and watch a game on my TV. This is fantastic news.

Well I watched the Carolina Hurricanes first official game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday and I was so disappointed.They played so well until our defense decided to shut down. The game ended 5-1, how horrible. They brought themselves back yesterday when they battled against the Washington Capitals. They actually made it into overtime until Mike Green scored the game winning goal. Yesterdays game was so awesome! First, Jeff Skinner scored the first goal of the season for Carolina on Friday and then Sasha scored the first goal of the season for Washington yesterday!

Oh, life is good.


30 Day Hockey Challenge; Day 5

28 May

Day 5: Picture of your all-time favorite forward(s)?


Jeff Skinner and Alex Semin are my favorite forwards. Besides the fact that Jeff Skinner’s the youngest hockey player in the NHL right now, he’s incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see him next season with the Carolina Hurricanes! Although the future for Alex Semin is uncertain with the Washington Capitals, I think he’s the most talented on the team. He may seem inconsistent and bad at fighting but he’s got a lot to play for and when the Capitals need him most, Alex is always there.

Boston Bruins: Eastern Conference Champions

27 May

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals was one of the most amazing hockey games I’ve seen in a long time. It was fun, exciting, scary, terrifying and crazy all rolled up into 2 and a half hours of hockey. Unfortunately, the Boston Bruins scored the one and only goal sending them into the Stanley Cup Finals and eliminating the Tampa Bay Lightning from the playoffs. Better luck next year. Maybe.
I’m not as sad as I thought I would be. I’ve decided, however, that this is the Vancouver Canucks year and I’m rooting for them to win the Stanley Cup.
I’ve gained much respect for Steven Stamkos even. I know what you’re thinking: Kristin, is it because half of his nose was broken off by a puck that was going a million miles per hour? Yes. Yes that’s the reason. I enjoy making fun of his awesome sauce owl-like face and his amazing playoff beard although it will be most likely gone before the night is over.
Props to the Boston Bruins. I’m not happy but I’m not too sad.

Is Alex Semin making you feel better? Yes, yes he is.


I'm not sure what that girl is trying to do...


Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals; Tampa Bay vs. Boston

27 May

that's what I thought.


30 Day Hockey Challenge; Day 3

22 May

Day 3: Who is your favorite AHL team?

 Probably the Portland Pirates. You might be thinking: “Why, Kristin, would you like those stupid Port-face Pirates?” My response to that is simple: “Alex Semin was a Pirate.”


San Jose Sharkies lost… again.

22 May

Ignore my advice earlier. No pictures of hockey players, no matter how adorable and funny they are, can make me feel better. Well maybe an Alex Semin picture will do the job with some well deserved vegetable fried rice and some peanut butter chips after. Maybe. But probably not.

And I digress.

I’m tired of losses. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I can’t stand them. As of right now, minutes after the ridiculous loss, I’m beginning to think I am really plagued with bad luck. First the Carolina Hurricanes, then the Chicago Blackhawks, then the Pittsburgh Penguins and then the Washington Capitals. And now the San Jose Sharks.

Why am I bad luck to my favorite teams? Why?!

O, the mysteries of life.

Nope, not even that.

In times of anger, sadness or annoyance…

21 May

Look up pictures of hockey players.

Tampa Bay vs. Boston; Eastern Conference Finals, Game 1

15 May

First Period: Score. Score. Score. Tampa Bay scores 3 goals in around 12 minutes or so. My heart’s racing. I should be rooting for Boston, but I’m not; I’m rooting for Tampa Bay. Score. Boston scores and I feel like yelling at the TV, but I’m not. I’m thinking about a lot of things: the recent death of Derek Boogaard, San Jose tomorrow vs. Vancouver and if they’re going to make it to the Stanley Cup finals or not. All I know is that it’s getting more and more physical and I’m unable to predict who will win the Stanley Cup this year– but I’m rooting for San Jose. But it’s not San Jose’s game tonight, it’s Tampa Bay’s. And I need to pay attention.

Second Period: Tampa Bay gets a power play: no goal. Boston gets a power play: no goal. My nerves are bursting through the roof. Why can’t this game be over like it is? Why can’t Tampa Bay win 3-1 against Boston? Oh, the mysteries of life. Now back to the game. Tampa gets another power play: no goal. Boston gets another power play: no goal. I’m a little distracted by the Kaner Shuffle and playing the Bongo’s so it’s kind of hard to concentrate but I’m listening–and I’m nervous. End of second period and I’m very happy.

Third Period: Anxious, nervous. My heart’s pounding. If you think I was scared before, you have no idea what I am now. This might seem a little weird to people. Why, Kristin, do you get scared when it’s only Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals? Well, because I’m superstitious. I believe that winning Game 1 is good luck. I want, I need, Tampa Bay to win tonight. Now back to the game. SCORE! Tampa Bay scored and now it’s 4-1. I’m as happy as can be; Boston Bruins fans would disagree. But the game’s not over yet. Okay, there might be only 3:07 left on the clock and it’s probably safe to say that Tampa Bay’s going to win but I’m still nervous. SCORE! Now it’s safe to say Tampa Bay’s winning this game! Score. Boston scored. But nevertheless, they have no chance of winning.


Pressure’s on the San Jose Sharks!

13 May

I took the Capitals loss very badly. So badly, in fact, that I’m scared to root for any other team but I’ve got to keep my hopes up. Unfortunately, I’m plagued with bad luck and it seems San Jose, the new team I’m rooting for, is going to lose tonight against the Red Wings. I’m re-cleaning my room, pacing back and forth, straightening out my ridiculously messy bun, and biting my nails in anticipation for the game that will be on, starting at 9:00 p.m.

The only thing that’s keeping me from biting my nails off is that I have the IIHF World Championships tomorrow with Russia vs. Canada. And I won’t lie, I’m also excited about seeing Alex Semin’s gorgeous face.

Oh Sasha!