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Happy Birthday, Jeff Skinner!

17 May

The reason I love you is not just because of your adorkable dimples, your gorgeous eyes, your I-want-to-run-my-fingers-through-your-hair hair or just the fact that you’re incredibly good looking– it’s because you’re so talented and you seem so down-to-earth.

Oh, it seems as if it’s only been yesterday since I saw you playing in the All Star Game and I was immediately in love. Oh, how childish, right? I didn’t think so– and I still don’t but that’s another story. Anyways, after my puck bunny love changed to puck honey love, I’ve been so influenced by the fact you’re just 18–*ahem*– 19 years old, the youngest player in the NHL, and you’re obviously one of the best on the Carolina Hurricanes! It’s true, it’s true, I’ve said it. Jeff Skinner, besides the fact that I absolutely adore you, you’re my favorite hockey player because you’re incredibly talented and I would love to skate like you one day.

I’m sending 19 lovely kisses your way. *Muah* Don’t forget to send them back!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthdayyyyy Jeff Skinner! Happy Birthday to you!