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Boston Bruins, the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions

16 Jun

I was so pissed. I was so sad. I was so disappointed.  The Boston Bruins won. They did it. 

After 5 minutes of screaming at my computer and TV screen, I found out how happy I was for the Boston Bruins. They deserved it. They won 4-0. Through tough injuries, 82 games of the regular season, 4 Game 7’s in the Playoffs and 39 years of waiting, they did it. They made it here for a reason and they proved that they were the best of this season.

At first, I didn’t like Tim Thomas, the winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy, but now I think I do. I appreciate him in a way that I never have before. Maybe it was how he didn’t seem like he was rubbing it in the Vancouver Canucks faces (which looked pretty glum to begin with). Or maybe it was how he shook Luongo’s hand and forgot about Luongo’s comments the week before. Or maybe it was the fact that he was awkward picking up the Conn Smythe Trophy and was like “what the hell do I do with it now?” Or maybe it was how he played tonight. How he didn’t let the crowd, of very prideful fans, get in the way of playing his game. I respect him.

I’m really, really, happy for them now especially for Mark Recchi, who played his last game tonight. He is a 3-time Stanley Cup Champion and is now retired at age 43 having played for 22 years.

I guess you can call me a semi-Bruins fan. I’m not 100% there yet but in time, it might happen. I still wish that the Canucks won but they proved they didn’t want it enough and I know that now. It took a lot of yelling and three glasses of water for me to understand that. I do, however, feel bad for every single Canucks fan who bought that really expensive Game 7 ticket and hoped that they were going to win.

What really made me laugh was Zdeno Chára’s man/lion roar when he held the Cup. It was kinda scary but we all could tell he was super happy. He played an incredible season and he deserved to be the first to hold the Cup, although the scream(s) was a little much. He’s a great captain and fun fact: knows how to speak in 7 different languages! Maybe he can teach me Russian after he spends his two days with the Cup, my guess back in Slovakia.

what big teeth you have...

But I guess now it’s my turn to talk about the Canucks. Honestly, I don’t like the Vancouver Canucks coach, Alain Vigneault. Why? He failed to put Cory Schneider in to replace Roberto Luongo at the most crucial time, when the Canucks needed that change the most. He had too much pride in him and that was their biggest downfall. If it hadn’t been for the third goal, I think that the Canucks wouldn’t have played like they didn’t care. But it’s not just Luongo’s fault. The whole team lost and it’s the whole teams fault. My biggest disappoint was how the Sedin Twins played. Not one single goal in this series by them and that’s saying a lot. Even Alex the “Biter” Burrows was better than them. I was pretty proud of Kesler though, he played amazingly in the first period. If he had continued pounding Tim Thomas, he might have let a goal in. Maybe.

But that’s all in the past now. Boston won and I’m proud of that; I’m proud of them. They deserved it. 


Whatever happens, happens

15 Jun

And honestly, I’m ready.

I’m ready for sadness or complete happiness.

I’m ready for me jumping around or crying on the floor.

I’m ready for me running down the streets screaming or lying on my bed in silence for the rest of the night.

I’m ready for a whole summer of rubbing it in the face or having it rubbed in my face.

I’m ready for victory or loss.

I’m ready.

I’m done waiting.

This is the last game of the 2011 Playoffs and whoever wins, wins. It’s done.

Both teams have earned it but the question is: who will win it?

My guess is as good as any.

This is the end. The final game of this series.

I’m sad. I’m scared. I’m hopeful. I’m nervous. I’m waiting. I’m a lot of things but most of all, I’m ready.



Boston wins Game 6

13 Jun

You: Are you angry?

Me: Oh yes I am.

You: Why are you angry, Kristin?

Me: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because my Vancouver Canucks lost 5-2. That’s right. 5-2. Not 5-4, which I would have been less sad about but 5-2. They played horribly. Horribly. Emphasis on the HORR.

You: Kristin, they might come back in Game 7. Have hope.

Me: Yeah, I had hope when Boston got 4 goals in like the first 4 minutes of the game. Lot of good that did me.

You: It’s coolio though, Kristin. Remember when the Chicago Blackhawks were like down 3-0 in Round 1 and won 3 games after that?

Me: Yeah, they lost Game 7.

You: You don’t have to be a downer. Even Timmy Thomas let in 2 goals.

Me: And saved 38.

You: What are your thoughts on Luongo? Schneider?

Me: Luongo was my BFF after Game 5 but now he’s like my frenemy. I have nothing but respect for Schneider. Did you see some of his saves?

You: Yeah, I saw them. They were fantabulous. Thoughts on Timmy Thomas?

Me: As much as I hate to admit, he played amazingly. He had incredible saves but overall, I still don’t like him.

You: Thoughts on Luongo talking trash about Timmy Thomas?

Me: Blown way out of proportion. But I do know he probably was biting his tongue after letting 3 goals in.

You: Did you enjoy the game despite the loss?

Me: Honestly, I couldn’t. If it wasn’t such a big lead by the Bruins, I would have most definitely enjoyed it. It was physical, fun and there was a lot of power plays which are always exciting.

You: Did you see Wayne Gretzky there? We all know you ah-dore his eyes.

Me: Oh yes. It was one of the moments that lightened up the mood for me. I was fired up but he gave me just a little of hope for Game 7.

You: Aren’t you excited that Game 7 is going to be held in Vancouver?

Me: Oh heck yes! If Vancouver wins, there will be this huge standing ovation for like an hour. They’ll have their fans watching them as they win. If Boston wins, they won’t have all that.

You: How do you think you’ll react when you’re watching Game 7?

Me: I’m definitely going to be alone. And I’m going to be really loud.

You: How will you react if Boston wins Game 7?

Me: I’ll be devastated. By the way that Boston’s playing, it seems very likely that they will win. But I’m crossing my fingers that Vancouver will recover from this loss and play a great game on Wednesday.

You: How will you react if Vancouver wins Game 7?

Me: I’m going to be screaming so loudly, I’ll be arrested for disturbing the Peace.



Vancouver wins Game 5…

11 Jun

And I’m happy again!


I was screaming, screaming, screaming when Max Lapierre scored that goal. I was cheering, I was dancing, I was celebrating. After that goal, I knew they were going to win. Do you know what this win means? It means if the Canucks win Game 6, the Cup is theirs. The Cup will go back to Canada–where it belongs.

This win meant everything for the Canucks. But don’t feel too bad for the Bruins. They did everything right; the only thing they didn’t do was score a goal. Luongo was on his GAME tonight; he got a shutout, saved 31 and played a key role in the win. I’m proud of him. He’s my new favorite Canuck!

Want a hug?

I could hug every single Canuck right now. I’m not kidding. Even though they have hairy beards, a knack for biting and really bad diving skills– I love these Canucks. I’ve grown close to these Canucks; I’m a fan now. 

Boston Bruins win Game 4

8 Jun

And I’m pissed. Again.

Vancouver played so well in the first period although Boston got the first goal. The second period, however, had a different turn out. Boston scored two more goals. The third period sucked. Boston scored one more goal. The only thing, the ONLY thing, that Vancouver did right was switch Luongo with Cory Schneider who actually didn’t let a goal in.

Boston has really proved themselves in the past two games: 8 goals Monday and now 4 today. I’m not happy but I have to admit to their awesome sauce success. I’ve never liked Timmy Thomas (especially with the fight with Burrows.) The fact that he has another shut out on his record makes me not like him that much more.

The only that is going to get me through now is Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and a whole lot of Alex Burrows. BOOM!


Boston Bruins win Game 3, 8-1

6 Jun

And I’m pissed.

Oops, I mean angry. No, scratch that, I mean pissed. 8 goals. 8! The Canucks played just horribly and the Bruins were brilliant! They did everything right and the Canucks did everything wrong!  It was so physical, I could hardly stand it! There were fights here, bites there (all from Alex Burrows) and it was crazy! Every time I blinked another fight happened. What more could I ask for a Playoff Game? Um, my team winning!

I’m sad, folks; very sad. I thought the Canucks had this in the bag but it looks like I was wrong. It won’t be the last time I overestimate the power of the Canucks, unfortunately.

But this is only Game 3. If the Canucks win two more games, they’ve done it! If they lose three more games, Boston will win the Cup– and that won’t make me very happy.

Honestly, I’m disappointed in the Playoffs this year. Is it because of my extremely horrible bad luck? Yes, yes it is. I mean the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals? Who would have thought? I know I didn’t. But I can only look to the future (hopefully the Canucks will have a nice and shiny Cup in their closet.)

I can only wait–and hope.


I Never Want to be a Bruins Fan.

5 Jun

And this is why.

I like somebody who likes another hockey team. Oops.

Vancouver WINS!

2 Jun

Last night’s game was exciting and amazing! It was my favorite game in the Playoffs this year and for a very good reason! Vancouver in the last 18 seconds of the game scored the one and only goal. And I was screaming. Or should I say screaming and dancing and jumping in my seat like a maniac. I bet every single Boston Bruin’s fan in the world is so angry right now and I feel bad for them. Boston did amazing; the only thing they didn’t do was score a goal.


Boston Bruins: Eastern Conference Champions

27 May

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals was one of the most amazing hockey games I’ve seen in a long time. It was fun, exciting, scary, terrifying and crazy all rolled up into 2 and a half hours of hockey. Unfortunately, the Boston Bruins scored the one and only goal sending them into the Stanley Cup Finals and eliminating the Tampa Bay Lightning from the playoffs. Better luck next year. Maybe.
I’m not as sad as I thought I would be. I’ve decided, however, that this is the Vancouver Canucks year and I’m rooting for them to win the Stanley Cup.
I’ve gained much respect for Steven Stamkos even. I know what you’re thinking: Kristin, is it because half of his nose was broken off by a puck that was going a million miles per hour? Yes. Yes that’s the reason. I enjoy making fun of his awesome sauce owl-like face and his amazing playoff beard although it will be most likely gone before the night is over.
Props to the Boston Bruins. I’m not happy but I’m not too sad.

Is Alex Semin making you feel better? Yes, yes he is.


I'm not sure what that girl is trying to do...


Tampa Bay… you’re my only hope

25 May

Yes, I’ve said it. I’m rooting for them. But I have horrible luck, so I’m not sure if I should watch them. Here’s the story: I went into the room where the game was on. Tampa Bay 1, Boston 0. 30 seconds later Boston scored. It’s probably best if I didn’t watch them at all.

I’ll watch the Stanley Cup Finals.