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San Jose Sharkies lost… again.

22 May

Ignore my advice earlier. No pictures of hockey players, no matter how adorable and funny they are, can make me feel better. Well maybe an Alex Semin picture will do the job with some well deserved vegetable fried rice and some peanut butter chips after. Maybe. But probably not.

And I digress.

I’m tired of losses. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I can’t stand them. As of right now, minutes after the ridiculous loss, I’m beginning to think I am really plagued with bad luck. First the Carolina Hurricanes, then the Chicago Blackhawks, then the Pittsburgh Penguins and then the Washington Capitals. And now the San Jose Sharks.

Why am I bad luck to my favorite teams? Why?!

O, the mysteries of life.

Nope, not even that.


Tampa Bay… failed me once. Don’t fail me twice.

18 May

I’m not going to even comment on last night’s game. All I’m going to say is that I’m tired of losses. First, the Hurricanes didn’t make it into the Playoffs (because of the team that I was rooting for last night.) Second, the Blackhawks couldn’t defeat Vancouver in Game 7 of Round 1. Third, my precious Capitals failed me and lost to Tampa Bay (the team I was rooting for last night.) I had hope in my Capitals; lots of hope and they failed me. After last nights game, I’ve lost hope that Tampa Bay will win tomorrow.

There is one thing for sure: I’m crazy for rooting for the team that beat my Hurricanes and my Capitals. One other thing is for sure: Boston’s back in the game— and I don’t think they’re going to let Tampa Bay win any more games.