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Boston Bruins win Game 4

8 Jun

And I’m pissed. Again.

Vancouver played so well in the first period although Boston got the first goal. The second period, however, had a different turn out. Boston scored two more goals. The third period sucked. Boston scored one more goal. The only thing, the ONLY thing, that Vancouver did right was switch Luongo with Cory Schneider who actually didn’t let a goal in.

Boston has really proved themselves in the past two games: 8 goals Monday and now 4 today. I’m not happy but I have to admit to their awesome sauce success. I’ve never liked Timmy Thomas (especially with the fight with Burrows.) The fact that he has another shut out on his record makes me not like him that much more.

The only that is going to get me through now is Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and a whole lot of Alex Burrows. BOOM!