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L.A. Kings, the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions

11 Jun

After 45 years of waiting, the L.A. Kings have finally done it. They have finally won the Stanley Cup! They won the precious and beautiful Lord Stanley 6-1. I have a headache because I was screaming my head off. I’m so unbelievably happy for them! The L.A. Kings were definitely, by far, the best team this post season and they’ve earned what they worked so freaking hard for!

Courtesy of allthings-hockey.tumblr.com

I became a fan of the Los Angeles Kings a few weeks before the 2012 All Star Game. I was so shocked at how good Jonathan Quick, the Conn Smythe Trophy winner, was and how powerful the Kings played. I don’t know exactly why I chose them from the beginning to win in the Western Conference. They were the 8th seed. They had a rocky season. But they had heart and they had Jonathan Quick. I know now how right I was to choose them.

One of the best things about the Stanley Cup Finals is how happy everyone is. Even Coach Darryl Sutter cracked up a few smiles every once in a while. But I don’t think anyone was happier than Jonathan Quick. I’m proud of Quick. He’s got so much talent for a guy who is only 26. His fantastic skills all through the Playoffs has shown that anyone can be a star. He’s definitely been the hero of Los Angeles. Jonathan Quick is the Conn Smythe Winner for a reason: because he’s so damn good.

I’m extremely excited for a few special players on the L.A. Kings. First off, I’m super happy for Dustin Brown. The second American Captain to hoist Lord Stanley. Ever. How freaking impressive. He scored a goal and got two assists in this huge game. He’s definitely the #1 star for a reason. Secondly, I’d like to share how much Drew Doughty has impressed me this entire Playoff run. He’s created plays and has definitely been the best defenseman by far. He even got two assists in the game. Another player that impressed was definitely Jarret Stoll. He was the best King during Game 5, creating plays constantly. Even though he got an assist, I wish he did get a goal. Others I would like to point out include the leading goal scorer of the game, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Simon Gagne and Anze Kopitar.

I guess it’s my turn to talk about the New Jersey Devils. I really don’t like them. Granted, my personal opinion of certain players on the Devils overrides my entire opinion about the team in general. In particular, I really dislike Mr. Marty Brodeur. However, as much as I dislike him, I feel extremely bad for him. He has played extremely well the entire post season, not including tonight’s 6-1 loss. The team’s biggest downfall was the hit on L.A.’s Rob Scuderi by New Jersey’s Steve Bernier. This 5 minute major penalty caused the first three goals, shifting the momentum to the Kings, where it stayed. There’s only two sad moments in the Stanley Cup Finals: it’s the end of the season and one team has to lose. New Jersey, although good almost the entire post season, lost the last game tonight and I honestly do feel very bad for them.

There’s nothing better than to see somebody hold the Stanley Cup. There’s nothing better than to hear the crowd screaming. There’s nothing better than to watch a team celebrate their tremendous victory. There’s nothing better than to watch a team go from almost not getting into the Playoffs to winning the Stanley Cup. The L.A. Kings are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions. And I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.


Boston wins Game 6

13 Jun

You: Are you angry?

Me: Oh yes I am.

You: Why are you angry, Kristin?

Me: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because my Vancouver Canucks lost 5-2. That’s right. 5-2. Not 5-4, which I would have been less sad about but 5-2. They played horribly. Horribly. Emphasis on the HORR.

You: Kristin, they might come back in Game 7. Have hope.

Me: Yeah, I had hope when Boston got 4 goals in like the first 4 minutes of the game. Lot of good that did me.

You: It’s coolio though, Kristin. Remember when the Chicago Blackhawks were like down 3-0 in Round 1 and won 3 games after that?

Me: Yeah, they lost Game 7.

You: You don’t have to be a downer. Even Timmy Thomas let in 2 goals.

Me: And saved 38.

You: What are your thoughts on Luongo? Schneider?

Me: Luongo was my BFF after Game 5 but now he’s like my frenemy. I have nothing but respect for Schneider. Did you see some of his saves?

You: Yeah, I saw them. They were fantabulous. Thoughts on Timmy Thomas?

Me: As much as I hate to admit, he played amazingly. He had incredible saves but overall, I still don’t like him.

You: Thoughts on Luongo talking trash about Timmy Thomas?

Me: Blown way out of proportion. But I do know he probably was biting his tongue after letting 3 goals in.

You: Did you enjoy the game despite the loss?

Me: Honestly, I couldn’t. If it wasn’t such a big lead by the Bruins, I would have most definitely enjoyed it. It was physical, fun and there was a lot of power plays which are always exciting.

You: Did you see Wayne Gretzky there? We all know you ah-dore his eyes.

Me: Oh yes. It was one of the moments that lightened up the mood for me. I was fired up but he gave me just a little of hope for Game 7.

You: Aren’t you excited that Game 7 is going to be held in Vancouver?

Me: Oh heck yes! If Vancouver wins, there will be this huge standing ovation for like an hour. They’ll have their fans watching them as they win. If Boston wins, they won’t have all that.

You: How do you think you’ll react when you’re watching Game 7?

Me: I’m definitely going to be alone. And I’m going to be really loud.

You: How will you react if Boston wins Game 7?

Me: I’ll be devastated. By the way that Boston’s playing, it seems very likely that they will win. But I’m crossing my fingers that Vancouver will recover from this loss and play a great game on Wednesday.

You: How will you react if Vancouver wins Game 7?

Me: I’m going to be screaming so loudly, I’ll be arrested for disturbing the Peace.