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I miss Hockey. A lot.

27 Jun

I’m trying to learn Russian.
I’m trying to keep up with my friends.
I’m trying to schedule a day at the beach.
I’m volunteering at the library 12 hours a week.
I’m volunteering at my church once a week.
I’m trying to keep up with this blog and two others.
This summer is busy. Kind of.
I have lots on my mind. I’m a teenager, what can you expect?

But I miss hockey. I have (re)watched so many hockey videos, it’s not funny. I’ve (re)watched the All Star Game and the Super Skills challenge more times that I would like to admit. I’ve stalked all of my favorite players Twitter accounts. I’m saving pictures of hockey players, left and right. I’m even writing hockey fan-fictions, which I’ve always been against!

This is getting out of hand.