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Eric Fehr, Jason Arnott and Semyon Varlamov, say goodbye to the Capitals

9 Jul

So yesterday, I learned that Semyon Varlamov is going to the Colorado Avalanche. And I was dancing around my room for 5 minutes straight. YES. I can’t believe this!
I’ve never been a big fan of Varly, I’ve always liked Michal Neuvirth better. Well I have to say, I used to like Varly. He was on the “he’s the goalie for my second favorite team so I kind of have to like him” list until I figured out that he was trash-talking American women. I’m not the most patriotic person in the world but I am an American chica and I wasn’t “down with this” at all. So from that very moment, me and Varly went from being semi-friends to downright enemies. So bye bye, Varly! Props to making it to your “childhood dream team.”

Now when it comes to Eric Fehr and Jason Arnott, I feel like punching a wall (but my pillow will have to do). How can the Capitals do this to me?!

Am I going to miss this bromance? Yes.