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Vancouver wins Game 5…

11 Jun

And I’m happy again!


I was screaming, screaming, screaming when Max Lapierre scored that goal. I was cheering, I was dancing, I was celebrating. After that goal, I knew they were going to win. Do you know what this win means? It means if the Canucks win Game 6, the Cup is theirs. The Cup will go back to Canada–where it belongs.

This win meant everything for the Canucks. But don’t feel too bad for the Bruins. They did everything right; the only thing they didn’t do was score a goal. Luongo was on his GAME tonight; he got a shutout, saved 31 and played a key role in the win. I’m proud of him. He’s my new favorite Canuck!

Want a hug?

I could hug every single Canuck right now. I’m not kidding. Even though they have hairy beards, a knack for biting and really bad diving skills– I love these Canucks. I’ve grown close to these Canucks; I’m a fan now.