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My Capitals Lost; Round 2 is over

13 May

Last night was a pretty horrible night. My Washington Capitals lost against the New York Rangers 2-1. I went straight to my bed right after the game ended, not saying a word to my cheering family (who of course had to support the Rangers) and I lay down, face against the pillow, crying. I was thinking the entire time what’s going to happen to my Sasha? What’s going to happen to Brouwer? Holtby? Green? Wideman? Holtby was the breakout star this post season, I don’t care what people say. If he hasn’t earned a spot in the line up next year, I don’t know what he’ll have to do.

I did tell myself before the game no matter what happened, no matter who won, they did something nobody thought they would do. They’re always underestimated or thrown down but they made it to Game 7 and nobody thought they would. I’m proud of them, I really truly am. I wanted them to win but they didn’t and that makes me really sad. The only thing that is really keeping me from crying right now is the fact that tonight I get to watch Game of Thrones but that’s besides the point.

Round 2 of the Playoffs is officially over. That means no more Capitals and no more Flyers. Two of my favorite teams gone from the Playoffs, just like that.

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Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers

28 Apr

Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are starting and I can barely keep myself sane. The first game of Round 2 is the Washington Capitals vs. the New York Rangers today, starting at 3 P.M. A tough showdown. I’m totally rooting for the Washington Capitals, that’s not a surprise. However, I try to use my head, and not my heart, when I’m thinking about who will win. My house is purely divided on the subject. Me, Shelby (my lovely sister) and Riley (my adorable dog) are rooting for the Washington Capitals 100%. Yes, my dog is too. He’s easy to influence. My father, my mother and my other lovely sister, Kelsey, are rooting for the New York Rangers. There’s going to be a showdown. But who will win and have bragging rights for the rest of the Playoffs?

In my head, I’ve tried to level out who will win this series. First off, the New York Rangers have Hart Trophy Finalist and as my sister likes to say ‘Mr. Beauty Personified’, Henrik Lundqvist. Henrik Lundqvist has been one of the top goalies this year for his amazing play and his ability to withstand hefty amounts of pressure. He’s a fantastic goalie, there’s not an argument there.

The Rangers have not just the most physically attractive hockey player everbut also some of the greatest players in the league. Their fabulous and underrated Captain, Ryan Callahan; their overly defensive forward, Brian Boyle; the again underestimated alternate captain, Brad Richards; and also some of the best defensemen in the league including Michael Del Zotto, Dan Girardi and Marc Staal. This team has star players galore and also the best chances to win but don’t underestimate the Washington Capitals.

After Joel Ward scored the series-winning goal in Game 7, many have now realized how talented the Washington Capitals really are. The star players like Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin and Nicklas Backstrom are not the only ones getting the job done, it’s the rest of the team too! The Washington Capitals have some of the best players in the league too, not just including the star players. Players like Brooks Laich, former Blackhawk Troy Brouwer, Mike Knuble and Jason Chimera, to name a few, have been playing their hearts out this year and it’s showing! And who can forget the amazing play by the breakout star, Braden Holtby, beating defending Champion, Timmy Thomas.

It’s going to be an incredible series, I know that for sure. But what I don’t know is who will win! The New York Rangers are definitely one of the top 5 best teams in the league and have proved that throughout their season games as well as post season games. However, you can’t underestimate the power of the Washington Capitals, who has proven that hard work will most definitely pay off.

League Standings: Who’s In

25 Mar

So as of now, there are 5 teams that are officially in the 2011-2012 Playoffs. Those teams include the New York Rangers (101 points), the St. Louis Blues (101 points), Vancouver Canucks (99 points), the Pittsburgh Penguins (98 points) and the Philadelphia Flyers (96 points). Unfortunately, this bunch doesn’t include the Chicago Blackhawks who have 92 points.

I have to say, I’m disappointed. Not in the fact that these teams have made. I mean, I wouldn’t have believed someone last season if they told me St. Louis was going to make it into the playoffs thsi year, let alone be tied for first with points in the league! Who would’ve guessed?! Definitely not me. I’m disappointed in the fact that my favorite teams aren’t close to being into the Playoffs.

The Carolina Hurricanes have 6 games left. 6. Not 7 or 8 or 9. 6. We have to be on our GAME. That means no losses because Washington, Buffalo, Tampa Bay and Winnipeg are in our way! We’re 9 points from a playoff spot. Hopefully the odds will be ever in our favor. (Ah, yes, I do enjoy my Hunger Games references every now and then.)

R.I.P. Derek Boogaard. Dead at 28

14 May

New York Rangers forward Derek Boogaard was found dead in his apartment on Friday; he was only 28 years old. He wasn’t just a physical guy, he was much more to his family and to his friends. There isn’t much to say except that I feel so horrible for his family, friends and all of his fans out there. Hockey lost a star and the world lost a great man.