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Carolina Finally Wins; Kristin Fuming, Part 1

13 Nov

After a 4 game drought, the Carolina Hurricanes finally won a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins!

Now that I’ve congratulated them on their win, lets go on to…

Kristin Fuming, Part 1:
I’m so sick of seeing them lose and lose and lose. The problem? Well I think, pshh-excuse me, I KNOW it’s Mr. Paul Maurice. The Carolina Hurricanes coach of too many seasons. The record with him? 376 wins, 378 losses. Did you notice what I noticed? More losses than wins! The Hurricanes will always be my favorite team but seeing them play like they don’t know what hockey is, disappoints the crap out of me! I know if they got a better coach, they would do a lot better! If only.