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Sidney Crosby returns to action!

20 Nov

Oh joy! The absent player returns! After 8 months missing in action, Sidney Crosby, everyone’s favorite player, has returned. Can anyone say hallelujah?  Or how about finally?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited; I’ll finally get to see him play again. But there is one part of me, my eccentric right brain, that is telling me this is a little rushed. Heck, the guy got a concussion! That’s some serious stuff right there. Are his doctors really giving him unsparing approval or is this his decision alone? Does Dan Bylsma agree to this wholeheartedly or is he concerned for his health? Will he be better or will he be worse? Is he pressured to start early or does he feel he’s late? So many questions are running through my mind! Although I have many questions, my impartial left brain is telling me that if Crosby wasn’t ready to play, he wouldn’t be in the line up for tomorrow’s game.

Even though I’m not his biggest fan, I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrows game, finally featuring the returning Sidney Crosby, will be great and I’ll certainly be watching it.