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Vancouver wins Game 5…

11 Jun

And I’m happy again!


I was screaming, screaming, screaming when Max Lapierre scored that goal. I was cheering, I was dancing, I was celebrating. After that goal, I knew they were going to win. Do you know what this win means? It means if the Canucks win Game 6, the Cup is theirs. The Cup will go back to Canada–where it belongs.

This win meant everything for the Canucks. But don’t feel too bad for the Bruins. They did everything right; the only thing they didn’t do was score a goal. Luongo was on his GAME tonight; he got a shutout, saved 31 and played a key role in the win. I’m proud of him. He’s my new favorite Canuck!

Want a hug?

I could hug every single Canuck right now. I’m not kidding. Even though they have hairy beards, a knack for biting and really bad diving skills– I love these Canucks. I’ve grown close to these Canucks; I’m a fan now. 


Boston Bruins win Game 3, 8-1

6 Jun

And I’m pissed.

Oops, I mean angry. No, scratch that, I mean pissed. 8 goals. 8! The Canucks played just horribly and the Bruins were brilliant! They did everything right and the Canucks did everything wrong!  It was so physical, I could hardly stand it! There were fights here, bites there (all from Alex Burrows) and it was crazy! Every time I blinked another fight happened. What more could I ask for a Playoff Game? Um, my team winning!

I’m sad, folks; very sad. I thought the Canucks had this in the bag but it looks like I was wrong. It won’t be the last time I overestimate the power of the Canucks, unfortunately.

But this is only Game 3. If the Canucks win two more games, they’ve done it! If they lose three more games, Boston will win the Cup– and that won’t make me very happy.

Honestly, I’m disappointed in the Playoffs this year. Is it because of my extremely horrible bad luck? Yes, yes it is. I mean the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals? Who would have thought? I know I didn’t. But I can only look to the future (hopefully the Canucks will have a nice and shiny Cup in their closet.)

I can only wait–and hope.


My Canucks WIN again!

4 Jun

Oh, it feels like Christmas again! Those Canucks had me going at first with Boston leading with 2 most of the game but boy, did they come back! Alex Burrows, the Biter, scored in Overtime in less than 11 seconds! Can you believe it? I can! I’m so excited and happy and crazy and relieved! If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world.

Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

a little help here guys?!

Tampa Bay vs. Boston; Eastern Conference Finals, Game 1

15 May

First Period: Score. Score. Score. Tampa Bay scores 3 goals in around 12 minutes or so. My heart’s racing. I should be rooting for Boston, but I’m not; I’m rooting for Tampa Bay. Score. Boston scores and I feel like yelling at the TV, but I’m not. I’m thinking about a lot of things: the recent death of Derek Boogaard, San Jose tomorrow vs. Vancouver and if they’re going to make it to the Stanley Cup finals or not. All I know is that it’s getting more and more physical and I’m unable to predict who will win the Stanley Cup this year– but I’m rooting for San Jose. But it’s not San Jose’s game tonight, it’s Tampa Bay’s. And I need to pay attention.

Second Period: Tampa Bay gets a power play: no goal. Boston gets a power play: no goal. My nerves are bursting through the roof. Why can’t this game be over like it is? Why can’t Tampa Bay win 3-1 against Boston? Oh, the mysteries of life. Now back to the game. Tampa gets another power play: no goal. Boston gets another power play: no goal. I’m a little distracted by the Kaner Shuffle and playing the Bongo’s so it’s kind of hard to concentrate but I’m listening–and I’m nervous. End of second period and I’m very happy.

Third Period: Anxious, nervous. My heart’s pounding. If you think I was scared before, you have no idea what I am now. This might seem a little weird to people. Why, Kristin, do you get scared when it’s only Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals? Well, because I’m superstitious. I believe that winning Game 1 is good luck. I want, I need, Tampa Bay to win tonight. Now back to the game. SCORE! Tampa Bay scored and now it’s 4-1. I’m as happy as can be; Boston Bruins fans would disagree. But the game’s not over yet. Okay, there might be only 3:07 left on the clock and it’s probably safe to say that Tampa Bay’s going to win but I’m still nervous. SCORE! Now it’s safe to say Tampa Bay’s winning this game! Score. Boston scored. But nevertheless, they have no chance of winning.