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Pressure’s on the San Jose Sharks!

13 May

I took the Capitals loss very badly. So badly, in fact, that I’m scared to root for any other team but I’ve got to keep my hopes up. Unfortunately, I’m plagued with bad luck and it seems San Jose, the new team I’m rooting for,┬áis going to lose tonight against the Red Wings. I’m re-cleaning my room, pacing back and forth, straightening out my ridiculously messy bun, and biting my nails in anticipation for the game that will be on, starting at 9:00 p.m.

The only thing that’s keeping me from biting my nails off is that I have the IIHF World Championships tomorrow with Russia vs. Canada. And I won’t lie, I’m also excited about seeing Alex Semin’s gorgeous face.

Oh Sasha!