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Skinner and Pitkanen out with concussions

14 Dec

The Carolina  Hurricanes are down two of their best players plus Brian Boucher being injured recently. As a Canes fan, I’m devastated and I hope for an incredibly speedy recovery and that they are better soon. With that being said, as a Canes fan, I don’t know how the Canes are going to play without them. They obviously haven’t been doing very well and this is yet another obstacle they have to overcome this year. I really hate the fact that Skinner is gone. He’s one of the best on the team!

I don’t want Skins to be another Crosby. I don’t want him out for almost a year. This is horrible news because he’s such a young, talented player and knowing he’ll be out for a long time doesn’t make me happy at all. The Canes not only lost him but Pitkanen as well! Pitkanen, known as ‘Pancake’ in Kristonian, is a promising defenceman who has helped the Canes over the past couple years. I’m not the hugest Pitkanen fan but I know he’s a good member of the team and it’s such a sad loss that he’s gone for now. Not only are these two amazing players gone but also the Hurricanes new goalie, Brian Boucher. Brian Boucher hasn’t won every game he’s played with Carolina but he’s doing much better than people expected. He’s a fantastic new member of the team and the fact that he’s injured early this season sucks!

The fact that these guys are gone is horrible and I, and the rest of the Caniac nation, will miss them very much. I know I am praying for a fast recovery and wish that the Hurricanes do well.

Now if only this could make up for this loss...


Hockey season is back!

9 Oct

I know I’m a few days late but still! Hockey is back! I can actually sit down and watch a game on my TV. This is fantastic news.

Well I watched the Carolina Hurricanes first official game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday and I was so disappointed.They played so well until our defense decided to shut down. The game ended 5-1, how horrible. They brought themselves back yesterday when they battled against the Washington Capitals. They actually made it into overtime until Mike Green scored the game winning goal. Yesterdays game was so awesome! First, Jeff Skinner scored the first goal of the season for Carolina on Friday and then Sasha scored the first goal of the season for Washington yesterday!

Oh, life is good.


Jeff Skinner & his Awards show outfit?

7 Jun

Jeff Skinner. One word: gorgeous. And talented. And great. And smart. And adorably shy. Oh wait, that’s two words. Anyways.

It’s not a secret that I love him and his awkward ways but I could never imagine him dressing up for an awards show in a fashion store waiting for his crazy fans (including me whom voted 4 times already) to vote for their favorite look. He was so awkward and shy, it was cute.

I’m waiting patiently to see what his fans want him to wear–and I’m excited to find out. But for now, watching this video over and over again might help the wait.


30 Day Hockey Challenge; Day 5

28 May

Day 5: Picture of your all-time favorite forward(s)?


Jeff Skinner and Alex Semin are my favorite forwards. Besides the fact that Jeff Skinner’s the youngest hockey player in the NHL right now, he’s incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see him next season with the Carolina Hurricanes! Although the future for Alex Semin is uncertain with the Washington Capitals, I think he’s the most talented on the team. He may seem inconsistent and bad at fighting but he’s got a lot to play for and when the Capitals need him most, Alex is always there.

30 Day Hockey Challenge; Day 2

21 May

Day 2: Who is your favorite NHL team?


I’m absolutely in love with the Carolina Hurricanes and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. You might be asking: “Why do you like the Carolina Hurricanes, Kristin?” Pretty simple: they’re just the best team in the league. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they didn’t make it into the Playoffs this year but they’ve got the best hockey players, some of the most respectful fans (from what I’ve seen) and they seem to actually care about the fans. That’s obviously a biased statement but still– I’m a Hurricanes fan and I’ve been one since I was a little, little girl. I know I didn’t really actually watch hockey when I was very young but I did go to some games and I loved the atmosphere.
You might be thinking:“Kristin, we all know you love Jeff Skinner. Quit the crappy act.” My comment to that is very simple: I didn’t start re-watching hockey until half way through this season. So when my sister Kelsey said “Kristin, you’ll probably like Jeff Skinner”, my first thought was“that sounds like an old man.”
And I digress.
I love the Carolina Hurricanes. Plain and simple. They’re the best team in the league and I love them ever so much.

San Jose Sharkies on a role!

21 May

So the Sharkies are on a role (3-0)– and I’m so excited! I’ve been exhausted all day and watching this game makes me really happy. This is almost as exciting as Jeff Skinner getting voted as the Rookie of the Year, almost. But I can’t get my hopes too high, the Canucks might come back– they have before.

But I can be happy for now– and, oh, I am!

GO GO GO, you crazy Sharkies!

Happy Birthday, Jeff Skinner!

17 May

The reason I love you is not just because of your adorkable dimples, your gorgeous eyes, your I-want-to-run-my-fingers-through-your-hair hair or just the fact that you’re incredibly good looking– it’s because you’re so talented and you seem so down-to-earth.

Oh, it seems as if it’s only been yesterday since I saw you playing in the All Star Game and I was immediately in love. Oh, how childish, right? I didn’t think so– and I still don’t but that’s another story. Anyways, after my puck bunny love changed to puck honey love, I’ve been so influenced by the fact you’re just 18–*ahem*– 19 years old, the youngest player in the NHL, and you’re obviously one of the best on the Carolina Hurricanes! It’s true, it’s true, I’ve said it. Jeff Skinner, besides the fact that I absolutely adore you, you’re my favorite hockey player because you’re incredibly talented and I would love to skate like you one day.

I’m sending 19 lovely kisses your way. *Muah* Don’t forget to send them back!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthdayyyyy Jeff Skinner! Happy Birthday to you!